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Vice Versa

by Belo Zone

“Vice Versa” is a song by the talented outstanding rapper Belo Zone from Tulsa, OK. This amazing track was first released on November 17, 2021, by the artist via YouTube and received attention particularly for its tone and lyrical content. “Vice Versa” carries a positive message and depicts Belo Zone’s change in direction from drugs and violence. The hip hop song features a choir that assists Belo Zone in a heavily layered chorus and vocals are sung over a guitar, synthesizer and piano; greatly no Auto-Tune was used on the sung vocals.

The artist has had a hard time through his life up to now mainly due to the toxicity of the world. Subsequently, the Powerful lyrics in the track can be regarded as a self-reveal of the artist’s tough life experiences. “Vice Versa ” deserves positive reviews from the listeners for being anthemic and carrying a positive message. In fact, this sequence of tones creates nearly the full extent of the song. Belo Zone’s verses are tough as hell on this song, which is a lot more empathic than the other rappers you hear today. The artist delivers a powerful vocal tone that keeps the listeners thrilled till the end of the song.

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