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Independent Woman
Soda King Baby
Soda King Baby

Independent Woman

by Soda King Baby

“INDEPENDENT WOMAN” is an awesome release by Soda King Baby and this brilliant music track is already on fire on Youtube. The track is completed with mellow vibes and it’s enjoyable to listen to this track. But much more than this, it gives listeners a glimpse of a unique artist. Most songs of Soda King Baby are exciting, you can’t possibly predict which direction it will head in, but you can have confidence in it being true to the sound,rhythm and style you know and love from the artist. Creative freedom is a thing to be celebrated. There is always plenty of room for soul and rhythm and good vibes.
And also the vocal effect used on the music track is fair and has an unusual sound to it. It is really combined with the presentation. As well as if we talk about presentation generally quite awesome and colourful. Not only that it has a beautiful few minutes experience and the enjoyment comes partly from the freshness.
Soda King Baby brings an R&B and drives it high and stunning with his own unique vocal rhythm. His musical backdrop provides listeners with the hypnotic good vibes that powerful and creative production offers, yet his vocal performance and lyricism on top of this add something that puts his personal stamp on all that he writes and releases. This awesome soul comes from Texas and always wanted to do something unique in the music industry. He is a talented music artist and attractive performer.
You all can watch the video through Youtube and stay tuned for more amazing work in the future.Well worth a listen.

Soda King Baby

Soda King Baby

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