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Think and Grow Rich

by Mike Hitt

Mike Hitt is an American music producer born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA with a long career experience creating music, learning about music and teaching others. When he is not guiding and helping artists, companies and corporations with their audio needs out of MCM STUDIOS, he experiments with his audio creations. This year Hitt came up with a remarkable conscious anthem “THINK AND GROW RICH” specifically for the new era of thinkers.

Composed with the listener in mind, THINK AND GROW RICH inspires you to see the bright side of life. Hitt focuses on the hustle and the struggle and sheds light on a subject that is hardly spoken about. The lyrics in the record give hope to people struggling. It lets the listeners know that everyone dreams and even people who aren’t blessed like others can still have better lives.

“Looking in the mirror I’m the only one I face me
Cz I’m the only one I face.”
“I’m not here for a long time
Only for a good time”

As it is delivered in an inspiring way on the track, even though you’re going through challenges, it’s gonna be AYE-OK. Subsequently, THINK AND GROW RICH is a self-explanatory track. Hitt addresses everyone with dreams letting them know they can succeed if they try. Always try no matter who says you can’t do it and no matter who attempts to shut down your dreams. These are smart words of motive to everyone listening.

Consequently, this song is a fine blend of a dark yet bouncy beat back, motivative lyrics with a precise high-quality audio mix. Hitt’s voice is as flawless as ever, showing effortless singing with standout features on this R&B smoothy “THINK AND GROW RICH”. When Hitt does make magic happen, it is plain to see his brilliance with an amazing backdrop on the track utilising the singer’s stunning vocals in a way the listeners have not heard before. Overall, this song is a great smash-and-grab for a spot on your playlist to feel encouraged and celebrate life.

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