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by Mari Geti & Kergi

The mesmerizing “W IT” by Mari Geti & Kergi is presented. This groundbreaking work successfully mashes up experimental rap, lo-fi, R&B, and electronic music for a whole new and engrossing sound.

Rapper and producer Mari Geti has created a remarkable audio/video style that is bursting with youthful exuberance and frenetic sounds. Their music deftly blends humor and surrealism into thoughtful examinations of weighty themes including abuse cycles, romantic relationships, and the animal realm. Mari Geti creates an indelible mark on listeners with their distinctive vocal delivery and surprising song arrangements, resulting in an infectious smile underlying their music.

Boston and New York City natives Mari Geti and Kergi have been working together on a new record for five years. They clearly cared about what they were making, as evidenced by the record, which features unusual sounds like foley, glass, and tapping on pans. A reflection of their maturation as artists and dedication to their profession, “W IT” is an impressive achievement. The album LEAKEST WINK is out now, so you can start following them on their musical journey.

Mari Geti & Kergi

Mari Geti & Kergi

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