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Why Pree

by Avalanche The Architect

Avalanche The Architect grew up in the south Bronx, New York. Because of the crime and lack of opportunity Avalanches family moved to Toronto Canada. At a young age Avalanche seemed to have a musical talent. His commitment to his craft stems from the discipline he has gained over the years from his personal and professional MMA training / fighting. In order to pay for studio time Avalanche used to fight in the back of warehouses in pit fighting tournaments where he got $100 to fight and $100 if he was the victor. These were underground fighting shows so many criminals participated. Avalanche was such a dominant force in these shows some local bikers and mobsters paid him to be their security. Avalanche wanted to stop doing the security, but he developed such a great repore with the bikers and mob guys that they funded his music in the early stages of his career. So basically Avalanche literally fought his way to the top in the music game.

Avalanche released his ‘Why Pree’. It has already gone 4x platinum. This creation is amazing and this aggressive and fe- rocious rapper has an unique and distinct style of delivery matched with a rhyme structure formed like no other. His tone of voice is balanced by the lyrics that make up his life story. His voice is something else. And the track is very hypnotizing. Hip hop lovers will be addite this one.

He has been featured in songs such as Cappadonna, Choclair, Vinnie Paz, Jus Allah, Lil Wayne, 50 Cent and Drake to name a few. With the release of several videos on Youtube, his visual arrival is gaining online popularity daily.Avalanche is systematically recording and preparing not only his 8th full-length album but also a mix for the public. He plans to release it both within the month and then a new project every month after that until he reaches his end game goal of success.

You can watch and listen to his creations on Youtube, Spotify and his website. Stay with Avalanche The Architect and enjoy his creations.

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