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When I Fall

by RE: A Flame

Newly formed in late 2021, RE: A Flame is a Christian solo project with atmospheric songs which take you on a journey. RE: A Flame’s solo artist Philip Peters is also the former drummer of the Australian Hard Rock/Metal band One Kingdom. The artist shared his thoughts about the project with us. ” I lost both my jobs mid-last year (2021) and I felt the pull to get back into music song writing. The drums have always been my main and sole instrument up until “RE: A Flame” was ‘imagined’. I’ve always played drums and the thought of learning new instruments wasn’t a very fond one to me. Before “RE: A Flame” was established, back in mid 2021- I was struggling to find a singer to complete my songs and release, however the lack of options made me take on experimenting singing on my own music myself. One thing led to another and I was undertaking the bass guitar and synths and this eventually ended up becoming a solo project. I got the name by just trying to figure out how to describe a band name through something pertaining towards passion and God and eventually “RE: A Flame” seemed fitting. To my surprise, I had actually written this band idea name down some five years ago- which I had totally forgotten about even after creating and settling with this name. I’m hoping to use my talents to improve upon what I make daily and to inspire others with strong messages which aren’t quick on the heart but it will take time to open up to the messages of the songs. They’re very challenging concepts or truth and love and matters of God and matters of the heart. After losing my main source of income, struggle became the mother of invention and creativity (as the saying goes) in my life- which has helped me develop as a musician. I hope to inspire as many people on this journey as possible.

Further, the artist reveals more about their first debut “When I Fall” from the project RE: A Flame. “The first single “When I Fall” was a very personal song for me. It helped me express the years of challenges I’ve faced as a musician and as a human being; and I’m sure they’re many people who can relate to the various challenges which we’ve each faced in our own lives. This song is all about facing challenges and falling down only to get back up. People get through their challenges in their own unique ways, some ways better than others but the underlying point is that we all have challenges and we all must try to get back up. For me, God was a major expression of helping me get back up from financial loss and severe uncertainty of the future. The more I seemed to focus on God, the quicker I seemed to find my feet again and get back up. I hope this first ever single will inspire a lot of people or even just one!”

RE A Flame

RE: A Flame

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