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Wild Weeds

by Jaz Valentino

Born and raised in Canada with Grenadian and Serbian heritage, Jaz Valentino is making waves with his distinct fusion of classic warm tones of R&B and modern hip-hop production led by his soothing and spacey vocal tone.

Jaz Valentino’s “Wild weeds” have a very sweet and stylish melody with a Rap, r&b, alternative, indie pop backward lead vocals, all of which come as a simple or minimalist sound that introduces the artist with clarity and character.

Using his music to reflect on past experiences, his latest single “Wild Weeds” is a triumphant track for people who are facing difficult times and battling with their demons. Driven by mid-tempo hip-hop drum grooves and soft piano chords, Jaz takes us into his world, one filled with pain and suffering yet optimism for a brighter future. His effortless vocal flow and spacious production enable each word to be clearly heard.

When Jaz Valentino raps, you hear the soundtrack not because it’s so expressive, but because his voice has urgency and realism; You believe these words, you will hear the passion, and the whole experience will feel like listening to an alternative hip-hop release that you have been missing for a long time. The hook of the song adds a hip hop element to the mix, creating a perfect melody that makes a powerful difference with the lyrics and enhances the overall effect of the track.

In every minute of the music, the sound is calm, soft and heavy, moving forward through the artist’s creative story line with a subtle attitude that underlies hip-hop. What makes it interesting is the lyrics. The track has a few melodies, a few variables depending on the effects used on the voice, but none too much. It’s a humble release with many styles and beliefs, a powerful moment in music and an artist who speaks his own, unspoken truth to anyone looking for independent hip-hop.

The output of the track is at the point, allowing the mixture to shine as it should at all times, but always maintaining that easy strength and retaining good vibrations; The smoothness and crunchy feel of the character are represented highly.

Jaz Valentino

Jaz Valentino

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