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Blitz Remake
Momin Deen & the Deen’s List
Momin Deen & the Deen’s List

Blitz Remake

by Momin Deen & the Deen’s List

Momin Deen plays 60s vibe indie music. Easily distracted, Momin’s creative process is chaotic. However, his songs are vibrant and sung from the heart. While mostly a solo lives act, Momin now plays with a band called the Deen’s List. “When I was a child, I always wanted to be a musician, then I started covering songs, failed all my auditions, then I got frustrated, depressed, humiliated in front of crowds, then I started writing my own songs, that’s where the table was turned. I wrote songs from my heart, and people seemed to accept me. Long story short, I played the Urbanscapes Festival twice, two television appearances, and all original songs. I feel so grateful.” The band has brought new life to his musical journey. Now they are releasing new songs as a band and also reworking Momin’s previous solo works. Momin & the Deen’s List’s freshest release “Blitz Remake” is an amazing track in which Folk Rock, an indie artist Momin, approaches to showcase his flawless solo sound. Even the smallest parts in the song serve as inspiration for this track. The overall tone of the music feels light with optimism, and his powerful vocals, particularly with simple lyrics captivates the listeners in an amazing way. Moreover, “Blitz Remake” heightens its mastery with an enthralling tempo guitar conversing with his vocals. Momin sings, “Some days will bring you laughter, and some days will bring you luck, ain’t pouring coffee to stay up, ain’t singing blues to be touched, And I put my ego senses, to the younger side of minds, I’m a victim of your curse, I’ve been the victim of the worse, Now tell me, Can I see myself up there?” The lyrics contain the assurance of a therapist for the listeners with its heartfelt performances. Consequently, it is evident that this track has a good style and melody that make it an enjoyable one to listen to. Overall, “Blitz Remake” is a great track, with clarity that makes it feel matter-of-factly excellent.

Momin Deen & the Deen’s List

Momin Deen & the Deen’s List

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