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by HakavellFoFn

Hakeem AKA HakavellFoFn is a 26 year old independent artist from New York, New Jersey who has been making music for about eight years. According to the artist, HakavellFoFn started taking his music career seriously about 3years ago. The artist raps from the heart and what he has been through his life experience. This young gifted singer shows off his proficiency greatly on one of his recent singles, “40” slipping between rapid-fire rap style and mindful r&b colours, and upholding a careful focus on outstanding melodious hooks. This stunning track swings between strong chorus and sharp verse, showcasing HakavellFoFn’s exceptional music mastery as he vocalises.

“40” is the kind of mind-blowing concept as usual, and in this production, HakavellFoFn would have benefited from a little more personal touch. As a rapper, in this track HakavellFoFn’s flows are smooth, while his words are momentous and explanatory, spreading an unforgettable storyline through his music. The artist is so mathematical with a proficiency that he can amuse the listener’s ear hoping they enjoy what he has offered in this single. More importantly, in “40”, HakavellFoFn’s raps are most intriguing as it blends with the rare sounding stunning beats. The beats on “40” are perfect and clearly meant to signify sincerity, both in attitude and vibe. Overall, “40” wears all the signs of a great journey of this outstanding artist with its storytelling, and melodic rap delivery keeping the listeners enthralled.



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