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When VOVAN was a kid his dream was to learn the English language so he could understand what his favourite rappers are talking/rapping about. VOVAN is the first rapper who is combining 2 languages in the same song – Russian and American (English) without losing a thought and has a great story-telling ability. VOVAN’s songs are very energetic, passionate, rhythmical, with awesome flow and delivery. VOVAN is tri-lingual but raps bi-lingually that’s why he calls his music – R.A.P. (Russian American Poetry). VOVAN has dropped a decent track with an uplifting concept that really seems to fit numerous listeners in search of powerful music around the world. “JEDIS” is an essentially perfect production. Particularly, the lyrics of this track help make it memorable with VOVAN’s exceptional vocals. VOVAN’s vocals in this track are tremendous just sounding so powerful and electrifying, with all his energy. The artist has one of the promising vocals while rapping as they sound extremely honest and sharp. As his vocals are remarkably accurate to slide over beats and are incredibly appealing to listen to when VOVAN raps really in one breath.

When exploring the artist’s previous productions, it is clear that he has one of the best singing capacities to make his music catchy and mind-blowing. VOVAN reels off an incredible amount of interest toth noteworthy lines, particularly, “Don’t give up, keep your Faith and move, every day we got smthn to improve… Don’t stay upset, switch the mindset, let go of regret, Always Forgive, Never Forget, — Yeah We got that” “Cause Mind and Body is a powerful tool, Learn how to connect it’s working perfect, no side effect, only self-respect… Practice that and don’t neglect. Subsequently, the lyrics are extremely controversial and outstanding. Overall, “JEDIS” is an outstanding concept that makes the listeners comprehend the artist and his mastery in an amazing way. The concept is excellent, as it benefits the artists to mark his signature as a gifted artist in the music industry.

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