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by Rajai YFM

Rajai YFM is one of the most talented upcoming rappers in the modern music industry with a sound of mosaic that captures a mixture of different styles from alternative street pop, afro-swing, with a dash of drill. The artist moved from Nigeria to the UK at the age of 7. Being a product of a lot of trauma and near-death experiences, Rajai has been inspired to touch souls and tell his story to the world. Having lived a reckless and dangerous lifestyle made the artist fearless and wise, which has helped him develop the character of a lotus about to bloom out of the mud. “My music is spiritually made, from the source to the process. Most of the time I feel totally disconnected from the world, almost like I’m living in my own galaxy and music is my way of bringing back information to the earth from my own planet.” Explained the Rajai YFM. This year this gifted artist came into the streaming space with his debut single ‘Finesser’.

The instantly recognizable, shoulder-rolling “con con con” chorus makes a fitting opener for this fiery track that helped make it a smash. ‘Finesser’, certainly finds the uniqueness at an identity-bound impasse. booming production, outstanding bars galore and an affinity for connecting with a lot of listeners despite whatever their musical taste is. In this debut single, Rajai YFM offers some inventive flows with mostly impressive lyrics that many of us can relate to. Subsequently, The way the artist plays with words is undoubtedly interesting to listen to. “The wicked man too wicked, I’m chasing 7 figures shawty got 2 digits. So what you gonna do for meh, what you bring to the table? Rajai YFM, the big bad wolf, she likes to quarrel so I’m sitting on the roof. She want Chanel or Gucci purse, Shawty shut up, just gimme some top,” Rajai YFM raps with confidence. Overall, ‘Finesser’ is an incredible Afro Swing, Hip Hop rap, that deserves more recognition from worldwide music enthusiasts, particularly for the artist’s soulful performance.

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