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All In My Head

by Jeremy Elliot

From the time he took to the streets of New York City at the age of 13, Jeremy Elliott knew that music in this world was his goal. His years of playing around the New York rock club scene and cultivating his songwriting led him to move to Los Angeles in the early twenties.

A few days after arriving on the West Coast, his next chapter begins with a chance encounter with Jason “Poo Bear” Boyd, one of the world’s greatest producers and songwriters. Jeremy, who lived 3,000 miles from home, in a trailer in Venice with a guitar and a heartbeat behind him, began a new phase in his healing and musical journey.

“All” is a record of a time when he tried to identify his live show. The beginning of the high energy sets he wrote while touring with his band and DannyboyStyles. Intended as the first song on his first album, he marked an energy box by setting a wonderful tone for what was in store.

This song is a reflection of the dangers of allowing others to determine the value of your soul by pursuing your dreams, the way he saw life, defined by Jeremy Elliott’s standards.

Starting with an instant rhythmic tone and background, “All In My Head” combines classic melodies with melodies and modern noisy bass and trap beats. The rap, meanwhile, offers a steady stream of strikes, catchy, quick to not do later and great in the second half. The unwavering overflow of “All In My Head”, with its presence and perfection of bars and distributions, reveals its own world of aptness, naturally captivating you with more than one listen.

Valuable production combines subtle origins and a clear understanding of the current rock world and circulating choices that tend to engage isolated music listeners and deep thinkers. “All In My Head” is a creative song that reveals an artist who strikes a balance between the most personal and the slightly ordinary and broadly accessible.

So I invite you to stay with Jeremy Elliott for his future creations. This artist will surprise you.

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