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Show No Sorrow

by Reecie Montana

Reecie Montana from Jacksonville Florida originally recorded the record because he had a label agent who was interested in pushing the song as a single. The plan was to go shopping for this report and get a few radio spins in hopes of getting a deal or label attention. He was paying monthly expenses for radio marketing / promotion and everything turned out to be a scam. He lost money and got nothing out of it, the record lasted nearly a year and he filmed the video at his concert in January. He received the same record during the daily rotation of the 93.3 radio station in his hometown of Jacksonville, Florida. The best thing is that he has not paid anything. He believes that God and the universe work in mysterious ways.

“Show No Sorrow” is the freshly released track by “Reecie Montana ” to all the audience out there. Each and every sound that makes up the track has been created and crafted with superb precision. The result is as described, but descriptions only take you so far. The production, the mix, the energy, the creativity; it all adds up to something beautiful, and in this particular case there’s just no room left for disappointment – there’s no space for the mediocre. If you were looking for something new, the same applies – you’ve headed in the right direction. There’s a whole world of music and magic happening with these artists as well.

There is a freshness to the sound, part of which is the undeniable experimentation – in no case is the track predictable or indifferent. But at the same time, there is a calm feeling of repetition, A hypnotic atmosphere unfolds as you listen.

“Show No Sorrow” feels instantly like an underground song, allowing for a quick sense of personality and character in a pleasantly clean voice. “Show No Sorrow” requires no introduction and uses only minimal requirements. “Show No Sorrow” is an intriguing track that is rooted in hip hop, R&B, Trap classics and intentions, and blends well with the artists behind it.

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