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by J2zz

J2zz is Los Angeles, CA based Hip-Hop Artist, bringing a refreshing touch to the industry with an original and authentic style. He flows and creativity set him apart from competition. J2zz was born in Los Angeles, CA. os Angeles California based musician. Originally from the east coast, young J enjoyed to travel and one day he set off to Los Angeles in hopes to seek something new. He discovered everything he hoped for and fell in love with California instantly. From the palm trees to the exciting beaches, the inspiration was endless. He felt a hunch that he should remain where he is and reside in Los Angeles. Maybe one day perhaps he could acquire something greater. And so, J continues his journey and eventually finds that “thing” which was freedom/success. Now he’s an established musician and real estate investor who strives everyday to become more successful and better than he was yesterday. He mostly encourages a “chase your dream” message throughout his music in hopes to inspire others to believe in themselves and become their best selves.

Fresh Release Songs


Artist: Cy-Fi Sounds



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Artist: S. Lewis

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Artist: The Harmalators