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Bass Tech House Mix 2022
DJ Alex Kahula
DJ Alex Kahula

Bass Tech House Mix 2022

by DJ Alex Kahula

DJ Alex Kahula’s Bass Tech House Mix 2022 is created with a mindblowing, sweet and deep and warm house sound, showcasing the producer’s great mastery in the field. And indeed, this fiery release will make you find a set of tracks that will take you on a journey to what you would call true Tech Bass House music. The mixture of piano keys, powerful synth riffs, tricky background noises and guitar riffs fit this mix into a never-ending groove. Each track opens with warm music and constructively gives rise to fresh samples and synths that add a warm setting to the mix.

Highlighted by taking the baseline and trumpets back to the forefront solely the assortment of athletic live instruments, the captivating drum loops and slight baseline exhibit the real craftsmanship in Kahula’s production of house music. The producer once again displays his passion to combine tech-house elements with bass and vocal bits. The degree of feel-good vibes in this release is extremely elevated and speaks for the gravity of the musicality of the producer. The huge amount of tricky elements and background sounds during the track blended with the continuously slamming vocals add this production a compelling punch, swing and energy that will make your head bump without you even knowing.

DJ Alex Kahula

DJ Alex Kahula

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