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Blue Moon
Jeremy Elliot, Stefan James
Jeremy Elliot, Stefan James

Blue Moon

by Jeremy Elliot, Stefan James

Jeremy Elliot & Stefan James are talented artists who come from Miami. Jeremy Elliot creates healing music, one song at a time. When wandering the streets of New York City at the age of 13, Jeremy Elliott knew that this was his purpose in this world. His years of playing around the New York rock club scene and cultivating his songwriting. His next chapter begins with a chance encounter with Jason “Poo Bear” Boyd, the world’s largest producer, and songwriter. Jeremy began a new phase of his healing and musical journey.

Stefan James is a multi-talented singer-songwriter who has honed his craft over the years. After growing up as an artist with Republic Records, Stefan later built up a large independent following on YouTube + Tik Tok. With his latest release, “Blue Moon”, he is now ready to show his story to the world and make his voice heard like never before.

Jeremy Elliott and Stefan James began their collaboration with their song “Blue Moon”. The friendship between Stefan and Elliott is really built around the “Blue Moon” record. It’s a story that connects the two of them on the road, chasing their dreams, and twisting different evils every night, hoping it’s all worth it.

He began playing guitar and, sometimes, dobro guitar. But their genuine interest in playing the double bass and harmonica, composing lyrics, and singing both combined perfectly. The simplicity of guitar pulling and the medieval folk singing style of “Blue Moon” allows the song to stand out based on its lyrics and melody. Their vocal cover, “Blue Moon,” blends well with its breathtaking, expressive vocalizations and lyrical intensity, with its twists and turns on the guitar line, as it evolves from good to super throughout its duration. Throughout the second verse, there is even a brief shift to uncertainty, adding to the elegance of the setting and skillfully pulling you back to the opposite side to elevate the next song.

At its heights, it can be beautifully intriguing, intriguingly honest, and conceptually approachable. Elliot and Stefan are the heads of audio storytelling. It’s always a pleasure to fall for something new.

Jeremy Elliot, Stefan James

Jeremy Elliot, Stefan James

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