Hear it, See it Feel the Music.


by Mr. and Mrs. Muffins

Mr. and Mrs. Muffins are from Seattle, WA, United States. They are two dreamers who live and work in Seattle and are raising a mini muffin. They have a keen interest in writing orchestral jazz pop albums which follow imaginative, whimsical illustrations. They do this during their leisure time which is very limited to a small time slot. They recently released their music video “Tokyo” on the YouTube platform. It is considered to be the last track of the Nile album and it is the most favorite track of Mr. Muffins. It was such a mysterious song that it left the listener with a desire to flip the record over and listen again, to become more familiar with the world depicted in the album artwork. Mr. Muffins hopes that this version of “Tokyo” leaves the listener with that same feeling, to flip the record over again and find yourself lost in the Mr. and Mrs. Muffins universe one more time.
The song starts with a scenery of a staircase at a railway station in Tokyo. You can see authentic clips of the city which stimulates your interest in watching and listening to the song. The background music provided is also very relaxing and it makes the song more captivating. The vocals of the singer connects well with the music it produces. The vocals work in tandem with each beat. Of Course the lyrics are meaningful and thoughtful. They convey the title in a very successful manner. Thus, “Tokyo” by Mr. and Mrs. Muffins is indeed a great production.

Mr. and Mrs. Muffins

Mr. and Mrs. Muffins

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