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Beat It

by Reecie Montana

Reecie Montana was born and raised on the Northside of Jacksonville Florida. He always knew he was good at music. After graduating from high school, Reezy became a street hit by releasing his single “Ambulance” using Instagram snippets. That gave him the opportunity to open for Chief Keef. Reecie has also embarked on a journey of entrepreneurship with his Record Label & Clothing line Get Rich & Stay Positive, also known as G.R.A.S.P for an acronym.

“Beat It” is Reecie’s new song. It has a killer beat. What is interesting about this piece of music is that the vocal performance differs in many ways from electronic music. The vocals are drenched in reverb, and somewhat unexpectedly yet still quite authentic in sound level emotion and excitement. At first, it’s the musicality that does this, and then the more you try to listen, the voice itself carries something very close to sincerity. As with many of Reecie’s songs, the music has a creatively and expressively free sound, shaping it in whatever way the artist sees fit at the time, which keeps things constantly interesting.

On August 29 Michael Jackson and Reecie Montana were born on the same day. Since Reecie Montana shares the same birthday as the King of Pop, Reecie decided to seize the opportunity with special opportunity to do something different. Reecie found a beat on YouTube using a Michael Jackson sample and decided to shoot a music video and release it on his birthday since they share the same birthday, which is really cool. So if you are a Virgo, keep that in mind while listening to this record. Michael Jackson’s sample comes in smoothly and then the beat drops and then Reecie comes in with those sharp bars and deep raspy vocals that keep the listener intrigued.

More than this, the heart of these songs, the substance of the songs, the songwriting and the creativity – always, always, are remarkably high. Stumbling upon an artist with this kind of pop flair is delightful; The music comes across as more organic, perhaps even more accessible than many of the more accessible tracks using heavy mixing sounds and effects. You can already record the live show, which is always a great benefit when discovering a new musician or band.

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