Hear it, See it Feel the Music.


by Tori Allen

Colors undeniably this is a masterpiece of first-rate music. The artist’s performance is unbelievably matchless and the listeners will find the gravity of her talents when listening to this song.Tori Allen is based in Nashville, TN. Finding yourself means fearlessly accepting yourself for exactly who you are. It means breaking out of the box life puts you in and living free from expectations. That’s exactly what Texas native Tori Allen is doing. Hailing from the musical city of Austin, Tori found her voice in a genre blend of Pop/Soul intertwined with her true country/folk storytelling roots. From daring and bold-belted vocals to beautifully vulnerable lyrics, Allen will keep you feeling free and positive in her latest single ‘Colors’, released on September 24, 2021.

Here is lyrics,
Another Race Down The Playground
Another Seat On The Saw
Red Rover Red Rover You Can Come On Over
No It Doesn’t Matter Who You Are

Play A Game Be Whoever
He’s A Prince, She’s A Queen
The Beauty When You’re Young
It Don’t Matter Where You’re From
Just Jump On The Rope And Swing

With All Of The Troubles Going On Today
Getting In Our Way, You And Me Can Make A Change

My Sisters And Brothers
Lets Love One Another
Let The World See That We All Shine In Color

Oh Theres Strength In Numbers
Let’s Stand With Each Other
Let The World See That We All Shine,
We All Shine In Colors

Yeah We’ve All Been Broken
And We’ve All Been In Pain
We Bleed, We Breathe, We Sleep, We Dream
We Do It All The Same

Yeah There’s Too Many Bruises
And Theres Too Many Scars
But We Can Overcome While We’re Facing The Sun
Be Proud Of Who We Are

With All Of The Troubles Going On Today
Getting In Our Way, You And Me Can Make A Change

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