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Don’t Call Me Baby

by Noah Fabray

Noah Fabray is a talented artist who was born in Scottsdale, Arizona & Los Angeles. She is an artist who has a keen interest in pop, R & B, Indie pop and dream pop styles of music. Noah is a very skillful artist and has millions of streams and hundreds of thousands of listeners. She started her music life in 2019 commencing with various types of musical genres, R & B to Latin dance tracks. In particular, Noah was very successful in each production.

Noah recently released one of her productions titled “Don’t Call Me Baby”. It is a three minutes and seventeen seconds audio portrayal and it consists of Pop and R & B as usual. The track initiates with a stunning melody and a strum of beats. The sound is so distinctive that it specifically captures the attention of the listeners from the first second itself. The lyrics are significant and attentive and they convey the title in a very productive and comprehensive manner. The vocals of the singer also play a major part here. They take you to a different world. Singer’s vocals actually connect well with every style of music in the track. They make the track catchier and more commanding. Thus, the vocals work in tandem with each beat throughout the song.

“Don’t Call Me Baby” deftly blends magical elegance with captivating tempos. So that, the explicit lyrics, the structure and the iconic melody make this audio portrayal more enticing. Since sounds are layered into a relentless beat, a unique vibe is created within the song. Thus, Fabray immerses the listeners into this song in a very magical way.

So, if you want to listen to more of her upcoming productions, make sure to follow her on the spotify platform. You will never regret it.

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