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Fire Walk With Me

by Roberto Bates

Fire Walk With Me by Roberto Bates is a next level EDM, Pop song with an extremely cool melody.Roberto Bates is Giessen, Germany based EDM, Pop Artist. You get lost in your thoughts with the captivating his voice and the unique melody.For Roberto Bates a touching song is not just a good beat, but also a strong melody. He was influenced by the melodic rock of the 80s. “Minnesota Lakes” is his first work as a solo artist. The melody of the song has a long history, the Giessen resident has had it in his ear for an eternity. In the early 1990s, Roberto Bates spent some time in Minneapolis. The city – or more precisely the two cities, Minneapolis and St. Paul, in the state of Minnesota – with its many musical influences are his inspiration. The mixture of a pulsating music scene, not only driven by Prince, on the one hand, and the breathtaking nature with the countless lakes on the other hand, fascinated and inspired him. This is how Minnesota Lakes originated as a tribute to this impressive state. The original version of the song was written on the piano for his band BATES MOTEL. From the piano piece of the 90s the song developed to an instrumental orchestral version, which was premiered in 2015 by the Rheingau Film Symphonic Orchestra. Also, the song deserved a modern, danceable version. The new sound was produced at Scream & Shout Studios in Cologne, where even chart hits have been created, and “Minnesota Lakes” was also given a breath of really fresh air in the number, which is technically right up to date.

Roberto Bates

Roberto Bates

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