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Roll The Dice


AGI ONE tends to stand out from what’s considered trending these days. He is Switzerland, Zürichbased Rap Artist. His latest track, Roll The Dice is definitely a track everyone can feel and relate to. AGI ONE mixes his sharp sensible lyrics alongside the melodies to create the perfect track to vibe.AGI ONE (real name is Ali Hajdaraj) is a dynamic & talented rap, hip-hop and trap artist poised to take over songwriting & rapper circles across the globe. Only 22 years old, AGI ONE grew up in Zurich, Switzerland. From a young age, he began to explore the world of music as a means of expressing himself and as a way to connect with others. He started auditioning for every school musical and also was a DJ for a short time to immerse himself in all corners of the music industry. Both a producer and a singer, Ali’s vocals demonstrate not only a striking amount of control but also remarkable clarity. His voice glides from low-range melodies to crystal clear towering high notes with stunning ease. Through music & stunning lyricism inspired by his own perspective and experiences, Ali has proven himself to be an extremely accomplished songwriter. In late 2020, Ali began to pursue his ambition for performing and songwriting, after spending several years writing and recording his own music. Ali continues to quietly advance his musicianship (including playing guitar and keyboard) while remaining true to himself. Above all, AGI ONE believes in hard work and passion are the key to success.

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