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by Dorian

“Proud” by “Dorian” is a fantastic track, the recording radiates with instant warmth and things get more and more enjoyable as the track progresses. “Dorian” offers melodic and vocal performances, a pop-music-inspired setting and structure, and a striking and memorable concept and storyline.

Born and raised in New Jersey, Dorian considers himself a dreamer and believes in the impossible. Dorian approaches his songwriting with courage, authenticity, and passion, believing that sharing his story can help those who can resonate with his music and life journey. He has created 4 genre-bending, melodious tunes that have won the ears and hearts of music listeners worldwide.

This song only talks about traveling, dreaming, wandering, and related ideas and imagery. The music around these thoughts constantly reflects and reinforces the feelings they give you as you listen and consider them. And the outer or middle eight is simply stunning, completely unexpected but beautifully sharp and exciting, and powerful. From the brilliance and authenticity of the artist’s production to the line itself, the explosive growth of the instrumentation, and the increasing intensity leading up to that final big moment, the whole thing is quickly addictive.

The way the music changes throughout the song adds an unusual mystery. The recording carries you along, like a wind with anything light enough to carry, the journey is unpredictable – sometimes it seems like it might end, then explodes back into some emotionally uplifting moments.

The instrumental on this song is great, a really interesting alternative sound, as simple as ever, but it feels so much – the song initially hits when it’s lost a lot of time, but as things progress, the mood changes and the imagery shifts up. With that option key, everything looks new.

There is no doubt that the artist has a great sound and amazing talent. “Dorian” has the feel of being an instant classic, a timeless, uplifting, and refreshing piece of music to refer to again and again. The flawless production brought out every moment of brilliance and splendor within the walls of the song as well. Looking forward to more to come from “Dorian”.

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