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James Herndon
Colour Theory Band

Game Show

by Colour Theory Band

Step into the groove with “Game Show” by Colour Theory, a vibrant fusion of R&B and Funk that pulses with the soul of St. Louis streets. This eclectic trio, born from the heart of the Midwest, brings a fresh vibe to the music scene, blending smooth rhythms with funky beats that are as infectious as they are irresistible.

Colour Theory isn’t just a band; they’re storytellers of the streets, weaving tales of life’s highs and lows through their music. Drawing inspiration from the pulse of urban life, their songs resonate with authenticity and a deep sense of community spirit.

“Game Show” captures the essence of their journey—celebrating resilience, creativity, and the vibrant culture of their hometown. It’s more than just music; it’s a groove-filled anthem that invites you to dance, reflect, and celebrate life’s kaleidoscope of experiences. Get ready to groove to the beat of Colour Theory’s soulful sound.

James Herndon

Colour Theory Band

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