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Go Mode

by Adeeldareal

Adeeldareal, a rapper from Portland, Oregon, is on the rise thanks to his hit single “Go Mode.” Adeeldareal, who is only 21 years old, has already established himself as a big artist in the hip-hop scene with his distinctive melodic approach.

Adeeldareal, an Oregon native, began his career in music at age 17, when he dropped out of high school. Adeeldareal’s determination and natural skill have enabled him to follow his passion for music despite growing up in difficult circumstances, including being raised by a single mom in section 8 housing.

The success of “Go Mode” is a reflection of Adeeldareal’s skill as a songwriter and performer. Adeeldareal’s story and sound are grabbing audiences and leaving them wanting more as he builds his musical career. Keep an ear out for Adeeldareal, who is rapidly becoming a household name in the hip-hop community with the release of each new song.



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