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God of wonders

by Drew Faith

Introducing “God of Wonders” by Drew Faith, a heartfelt blend of Country, CCM, and Gospel music that resonates with praise and hope.

Drew Faith is more than a musician; he’s a dedicated singer-songwriter and producer whose songs are crafted to inspire and connect deeply with listeners through messages of faith and the love of Christ. Drawing from personal experiences as a father and husband, Drew’s music embodies gratitude and joy, reflecting his Christian values and journey.

In “God of Wonders,” Drew Faith channels his passion for worship into a soul-stirring anthem that celebrates the majesty and grace of Jesus Christ. With heartfelt lyrics and a melodious blend of Country and Gospel sounds, this song uplifts the spirit and reaffirms faith in the divine.

Experience the uplifting power of “God of Wonders,” where Drew Faith’s music transcends genres to deliver a message of hope and devotion to listeners worldwide.

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