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Imperfect World

by Mr.Vatslav

“Mr.Vatslav” is a deeply creative artist with a beautiful singing voice that carries his passion and melodies beautifully. The concept of “Imperfect World” is underlined throughout the recording by a collection of cheerful ambient sounds and riffs. Everything takes a typically minimalist approach, but the overall effect is this dramatic and emotional work of art that reinforces those underlying ideas with each passing moment. 

Mr.Vatslav is a fan of techno, house, soundtracks (film scores) and more. He loves music. At the age of 16, he began his thorny path, which he continues to this day, experiencing a strong passion for this art! The difficult path of self-taught without teachers gave his music a unique and distinctive style. His passion towards music keeps him up at night, he always puts dozens of hours into the arrangement so that he doesn’t sink into the abyss of dull compositions. He tries to find unique and sophisticated arrangements of sounds for his tracks. Everything about creativity is the most important life concept for him.

The structure of the track is sensible, you can hear each moment as it unfolds preparing to reveal the next, but nothing about what follows is predictable. The longer the track, the more your own dreams come to mind. As this soundscape pours over you, those synths, that soft and atmospheric beat, that smooth and satisfying, slightly distorted lead riff – the whole thing fills the space around you with imagery and possibility.

Imperfect World” is an intense Melodic & organic jazzy Deep fusion performed in a nearly free-style manner yet still holding close to the structure and essence of the intended composition. As you listen, it’s easy to find your mind wandering to new frontiers, forgetting almost entirely what you were doing before now as is the strength of good music.

The music is definitely steeped in some sort of alternative or experimental sound, but this just adds to the individuality of the overall release, and it doesn’t take anything away from the rhythm and drive of it all. The music is so hypnotic that you seem to dip in and out of the soundscape, but all the time you are there – you cling to every note; Following these lines, pause for anything you may have missed and skip ahead.

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