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In the Moment

by Yosef Wildes

‘Yosef Wildes’ is an upcoming artist based in Israel who is trying to make an impact in the music industry through his meditative and inspirational acoustic songs.According to Yosef,music is a simple gift and one of the most sacred and powerful tools used in the universe to bring peace and joy.His songs are unique as he loves creating his own songs which has a calming effect that helps people to connect with themselves with the help of music.His goal is to touch the hearts of people through music and bring a state of calmness in to their life.

Yosef’s latest release “In the Moment” is one of a kind song as it talks about the importance of living in the present moment. Our minds get distracted easily due the troubling thoughts in our heads and distractions caused by this highly complex world.”Cars driving every direction…I’m hit with distractions’’ creates a mental picture of a city full of hustle and bustle where the narrator finds himself distracted and confused because of the complexity in the modern world.In order to connect and live in the moment one must connect with their inner self. Even though cities are modernized they lack tranquility due to the pollution and one can truly connect to themselves by staying and living close to nature.He emphasizes how connecting to nature helps people to find clarity and calmness.

To sum up, the song is about living in the present moment and not worrying about your past that cannot be changed or the future that hasn’t arrived yet. Moreover, The song also emphasizes the importance of how meditation can bring stillness and calmness to life.Yosef’s mesmerizing voice along with the soothing music sets the perfect setting and the song will bring you to another dimension of the world through his uniquely inspiring and calming words of wisdom.


Yosef Wildes

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