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Jimmy Cooks

by Christopher Ddot Cross

A new freestyle rap video by Christopher Ddot Cross, better known as Ddot, is out, and it’s called “Jimmy Cooks.” The latest album from the Decatur, Illinois, rapper is creating ripples in the rap community.

The video features Ddot spitting bars over a moody beat, demonstrating his innate talent and lyrical prowess. The rapper’s own journey and experiences are reflected in the songs.

Ddot’s signature sound is a mashup of classic and contemporary hip-hop, drawing inspiration from artists like Tupac and Jay-Z. His prior albums have earned him a growing fanbase in the rap world, and he is swiftly becoming a rising star in the business.

As a whole, “Jimmy Cooks” is a strong and introspective single that showcases Ddot’s talent and love for hip-hop. If you appreciate real, unfiltered rap, give this freestyle a go.


Christopher Ddot Cross

Christopher Ddot Cross

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