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Judo Flip

by Lougit

Detroit’s up-and-coming rap star Lougit is noted for his eclectic sound, which fuses rap, trap, hip-hop, alternative, and new wave. ‘Judo Flip’ is his first new music in four years, and it marks a triumphant return to the music scene.

This single, “Judo Flip,” features Lougit’s high-energy delivery and sophisticated literary methods. The rock-influenced instrumental used on the single puts the spotlight on Lougit’s varied flow patterns and confident, occasionally aggressive, tone. It’s a strong demonstration of Lougit’s abilities as a musician and a rapper, with numerous examples of his musical and lyrical brilliance.

‘Judo Flip’ is a successful comeback for Lougit, with over 9,000 listens, and an exciting preview of his upcoming highly awaited release. Rap, hip hop, and alternative music listeners will appreciate Lougit’s original sound and skill as an artist.

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