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籠の鳥 (Kago no Tori)

by Faith & Science

“籠の鳥 (Kago no Tori)” by Faith & Science is a musical gem that transcends genres and invites listeners into a world of delicate, soft indie melodies. With its roots in Japanese culture, this acoustic masterpiece captures the essence of both Japan and Argentina, where artist Gabriel Herrera hails from.

Faith & Science, the brainchild of Herrera, is a music project that beautifully explores the concept of duality through its songs. Drawing inspiration from a wide range of genres, including electronic, ambient, classical, avant-garde, and cinematic soundtracks, the project crafts music that is both ethereal and grounded.

“Kago no Tori” evokes a celestial feeling akin to sky-high autumn clouds. Its warm and humanistic passion is a testament to the intricate storytelling within its short but rich lyrics. This song is like a collection of crystal-clear thoughts, a musical journey that surprises and enchants, leaving listeners with a deep and delicate connection to the things they hold dear.

Faith & Science

Faith & Science

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