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Money On The Game

by Jace Metz

Jace Metz, a hip hop and rap artist based in Long Beach, California, has just released his new single, “Money on the Game.” The song is a testament to Jace’s lyrical prowess and boundless vitality, with its throbbing beat and catchy chorus.

Jace’s drive to make his mark in the music industry is on full display in “Money on the Game.” Aspiring individuals will identify with the song’s message, which touches on themes of ambition and hustling.

Music lovers may stream “Money on the Game” on Spotify and check out the music video over on YouTube. For more of Jace’s one of a kind sound, check out his recent albums and future shows by following him on social media at @jace metz.

A new addition to your hip hop and rap playlist, “Money on the Game,” is ready for you to crank up the volume and get down to.


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