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Toxic Love

by Tevin Flashey

The new indie pop music “toxic love” by Tevin Flashey is a haunting and evocative look into the shadowy side of romantic relationships. The soft vocals of the Louisiana singer-songwriter are accompanied by sparse music, making for a reflective and meditative listening experience. Lyrically, the anguish and bafflement of being stuck in a destructive relationship and the subsequent efforts to liberate oneself are laid bare. This song is an anthem for anyone who has ever felt the pain of heartbreak or struggled to move on from a toxic relationship, thanks to its wistful melody and Flashey’s passionate performance. Listeners who appreciate sincere and emotionally engaging indie pop will find much to adore in Tevin Flashey’s “poison love,” a potent demonstration of his natural talent as a songwriter and performer. Keep up with Tevin Flashey’s new music and other happenings by following him on Instagram.

Tevin Flashey

Tevin Flashey

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