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KILIAN KAZIK’s melodic and intense sound is defined by soaring riffs and the chaotic, hypnotic merging of electronic and distorted Phonk elements. MUTINOUS is an ambitious and bold composition that hits all the right notes, delicacy and contrast, and an instantly recognisable, fast-moving synth riff.


KILIAN KAZIK is an Electronic music producer from Chile. Kilian’s music combines progressive metal, neoclassical, EDM, and dub-step. His play style is electronic, rap,edm and Phonk.


MUTINOUS evokes a range of influences and ideas but feels like a mix of different elements. Each section flows into the next, and the song as a whole is very cohesive. Coming in at just a few minutes, MUTINOUS makes good use of its runtime. It’s an exciting track that will keep you headbanging from start to finish.


In short, fantastic – honestly intentional, musically impressive, and immersive all at once; Escapism and skill combined with taste. It’s an upbeat track that will hook listeners and keep them coming back for more.


KILIAN KAZIK is an artist to watch out for in the ELECTRONIC scene. With his unique blend of genres and influences, he’s sure to make a name for himself in the years to come.


If you are a fan of electronic, EDM, or progressive music or looking for something new and exciting, check out KILIAN KAZIK and his song “MUTINOUS”. You will not be disappointed.

Kilian Kazik


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