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Nobody Safe

by Filla

The exciting video for “Nobody Safe” by rising singer Filla will take you on a musical journey unlike any other. Iberian Media’s “Legendary Album (Deluxe Edition)” features this song as a standout highlight. Filla’s music connects with a wide range of listeners because it places a great emphasis on fusing creativity and innovation.

Although a biography of the artist is omitted, “Nobody Safe’s” intense beats and alluring melodies show Filla’s dedication to his profession. The song demonstrates Filla’s talent at composing original music while pulling influence from a variety of sources. This song is transformed into a musical masterpiece thanks to Telmo Domingues’ production and Rap Reality Society’s video artistry.

As a track from the “Legendary Album,” “Nobody Safe” invites listeners to embrace the artistry that distinguishes Filla’s music by taking them on a voyage across various hip-hop realms. It’s evidence of how music has developed and of its capacity to unite individuals from different backgrounds.



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