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Keith Richards
K C Richards

Only 16

by K C Richards

Introducing “Only 16” by K C Richards, a poignant melodic rock anthem that delves into the highs and lows of youthful exuberance and its consequences. Born and raised in Aberdeen, South Dakota, K C Richards chased his rock ‘n’ roll dreams to Los Angeles in the late ’80s, blending influences of country, rock, and Southern rock into his music.

Now residing in 29 Palms, California, K C draws inspiration from the vibrant cultural mix of artists and musicians in the area. “Only 16” narrates a tale of youthful innocence overshadowed by the allure of recklessness, navigating themes of love, mistakes, and the harsh realities of substance abuse.

With heartfelt lyrics and a soulful melody, K C Richards hopes his music resonates with listeners, offering a beacon of hope amidst life’s challenges. “Only 16” serves as a reminder of the power of music to inspire reflection and potentially alter life’s course for the better.

Keith Richards

K C Richards

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