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Open Water

by Avaraj ft. Chalet

Dive into the mesmerizing waves of “Open Water” with Avaraj ft. Chalet! This dynamic duo, blending electronic and indie pop, crafts a sonic journey that pulls you into its depths. Avaraj, known for their emotive beats, collaborates with Chalet’s ethereal vocals to create an immersive experience.

Chalet’s haunting voice leads listeners through the lyrical currents, navigating the uncertain waters of love and longing. The lyric video, a visual feast of swirling colors and hypnotic imagery, amplifies the song’s magnetic pull.

Avaraj, a rising star in the electronic scene, brings their signature production prowess, infusing “Open Water” with layers of depth and intrigue. Chalet’s entrancing vocals soar over the intricate beats, leaving listeners spellbound.

Embark on a voyage of sound and emotion with Avaraj ft. Chalet’s “Open Water” lyric video. Let the music wash over you and carry you away to uncharted territories.

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