Hear it, See it Feel the Music.


by Don Kaneen

Kaneen was born in San Diego, CA in 1993. Growing up on the streets and losing his parents at a young age gave him perspective on life and shaped him into not only the artist but entrepreneur and businessman he is today. Spending his early years in San Bernardino, CA he’s quoted saying ” not everyone made it out of Lil Africa, those streets would swallow you whole, it was a real concrete jungle”. Losing friends and loved ones to violence taught him timeless lessons that he carries with him to this day. He is a U. S. Army veteran and has a deep appreciation for music of all genres and implements different sounds in everything he creates. Currently making music in Europe

Don Kaneen returns with a brilliant hip-hop track, “Overkill”. The heinous-sounding in this track, as it features these dark musicals, can be seen as the best characteristic of this track. However, at the same time, it has this level of frailty to it that is flashing. One of the pros of “Overkill” is the fact that Don Kaneen presents his unique vocal tone – when he sings of course. This track is undoubtedly a game-changing backdrop, and praiseworthy.

Focusing on the other particular observations about “Overkill”, Kanee does not just rap, but he also speaks to the listeners’ souls. The artist is successful enough in this regard, especially when it comes to ‘rhymes,’ he has vast substance to deliver. Don Kaneen remains masterly and confident throughout this stunning creation. Subsequently, it is noticeable that “Overkill” is not a typical hip hop track; Don Kaneen brings something new to the table. Further, this remarkable track depicts the subtle influential tone of his voice, proving that his work can be very heartfelt and deep.

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