Hear it, See it Feel the Music.


by J Numba

J numba is an up-and-coming artist from Chicago. He is a talented rapper among new artists. His latest release is “PUSH”. He professionally makes Hip hop, Rap, R&B & Trap music.

Musically, things start slowly with an introduction to spoken words, followed by an encouraging but simple hip hop beat, an equally evocative narrative, and a genuine recognition of the composition and artist’s ways. This tight but soft tone evokes a relaxed sense of authenticity.

At the same time, the music contributes significantly to the excitement and atmosphere. The whole thing has a casual or relaxed expression, the soundtrack, the rhythm jump and the lyrics all go together, then you get the character, it lets you do what it does beautifully. Even the words cleverly connect to the music loop. This is an element of the soul that adds to the natural authenticity of the song.

“PUSH” is refreshing and inspiring; the concept and execution have a really natural and honest feel to them. J numba performs what comes easily, rather than pushing too hard to fit further into the wrong kind of frame, and this single is a terrific introduction to that. The vocal line pushes things in a musical direction, then we get this bass-heavy, stylish background to weave in a whole new style and vibrancy. The sound is fairly modern and visually relevant, and the J numba is easily recognizable in both voice writing and performance. The song shows his melodic brilliance and structured storytelling in an unforgettable way.

J numba’s “PUSH” is a great product with unique features that vary in depth of tone and drumline for a truly immersive listening experience. Then there is the overall presentation of a great song with short lines, a quiet but believable vocal tone, and a casual, contagious essence.

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