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Round & Round

by Carla Esther

A fresh live performance of “round&round” by Carla Esther is a must-see for any folk-pop music enthusiast. In this haunting and melancholy concert, the Moroccan diva brings her signature blend of Arabic traditional music, French ballads, and American Blues to Los Angeles.

Carla Esther takes her audience to another place and time with her ethereal voice and knack for telling stories, where the music flows like a river and the emotions are true. Her previous recordings have garnered acclaim for their ability to stir the emotions, and this new live performance continues that trend.

Carla Esther’s “round&round” live performance is not to be missed by fans of folk-pop music. She will quickly rise to the ranks of your favorite musicians with her entrancing vocals and fresh take on familiar genres. If you want to know more about this up-and-comer, you should visit her social media pages.


Carla Esther

Carla Esther

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