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She’s Sowing Time

by Dale Sheppard

Dale Sheppard is an original and inspiring talent in the worlds of post-punk, alternative, and indie rock. Dale’s background amid the beautiful scenery of Victoria, British Columbia is as intriguing as his genre-bending music.

Dale’s love of music started developing in the ’70s, when he started making mixtapes and playlists for different occasions. Because of this passion, he started volunteering for Roadrunner Records in 1992, and then for Men Without Hats in 2012. In his own home studio, Dale composes and records his own original music using guitar, bass, and synthesiser.

Dale’s wife Kim Sheppard writes the lyrics to the vast majority of his compositions, adding another dimension to his musical tapestry. Together, they create an intoxicating sonic experience that fuses rock, alternative, ’80s nostalgia, synth-pop, post-punk, indie rock, classic rock, and industrial.

Dale’s current single, “She’s Sowing Time,” was inspired by Kim’s battle with cancer, and it’s eerily beautiful and profoundly moving. It’s an inspiring tale of survival and musical perseverance. Inviting listeners to immerse themselves in the capacity of music to communicate stories of life’s difficulties and triumphs, Dale Sheppard’s work is more than just a sound.

Dale SheppardDale Sheppard

Dale Sheppard

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