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LEOPOLDO is a wonderful singer who can sing to any heart. He lives in Los Angeles, CA, USA. When he was 16 years old, he decided to learn music. He wanted to learn how to sing ,because he wasn’t a good singer by any means. Due to these facts he decided that he needed a vocal coach. He gave her a final announcement because he was not sure if his mother would agree to get him one: either he gets a verbal coach and gets out of trouble or goes down the wrong path in life without getting it. Finally his mom agreed to get him a vocal coach.

His vocal coach visits lessons once a week, and the rest of the day leopoldo watches YouTube tutorials about how to sing. Over time, Leopoldo improved his ability considerably.He went on to do his first live performance. After his performance, unbelievably multiple people came up to him afterwards to express how much they enjoyed him.One particular old man approached him and enthusiastically told him never to stop singing. Leopoldo never forgot him to this day.

Over the years, Leopoldo began uploading music on YouTube, sending people around the world a message expressing their love for his music, and some even wanted to collaborate with him.Specially, Leopoldo not only wrote and performed his music, he also engineered his music. He studied audio engineering because he did not have the money to pay a professional to mix and match his music for him. So it’s either he puts out bad quality music that destroys the chances of his listeners or he learns audio engineering and releases good quality music. That people can listen.

Leopoldo’s latest release is the “SOB” music video that can be watched through YouTube. It has emotional music that can feel our hearts. And also the lyrics have deep meaning. It is loaded with mello vibes and it gives listeners calming. Overall features of the song we can feel. This song was written, produced and video edited by Leopoldo. He became a popular artist starting from zero about music. He is a festive character. And stay with LEOPOLDO to listen and watch his future creations.

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