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Somewhere in the Sky

by Anjalts

Anjalts is Los Angeles based Pop/hip-hop Artist, bringing a refreshing touch to the industry with an original and authentic style. This flow and creativity set him apart from competition. Anjalts, was born in Los Angeles.American singer/songwriter, Anjalts (pronounced “Angeles) blends alternative Pop/Acoustic & Cinematic Soundscapes, that best describes this eclectic artist sound. A Multi-instrumentalist, Anjalts composes and plays everything on her tracks. Her upcoming fourth release titled “Somewhere in the Sky” is slated for release on April 23 on all Streaming platforms.The night sky lights up as the first annual meteor shower starts the return of multiple shooting stars to display on the early morning of Earth day April 22nd and continues to peak on April 23rd.A new song “Somewhere in the Sky” drops into the digital cosmos by another ethereal star Anjalts. A multi-talented singer songwriter emerging on the airwaves who writes, produces and performs on all her tracks. Penning “Somewhere in the Sky” Anjalts takes us into an emotional fight of losing someone we love & learning how to let go, even when we don’t want to.

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