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Start Listening

by Chad Anthony

Denver, Colorado’s own Chad Anthony is a great singer-songwriter, and his new track, “Start Listening,” has just been published. The music video complements the song’s unique blend of acoustic, pop, and alternative styles. Anthony strolls through the streets of the city while singing on the value of empathy and staying in the moment.

Acoustic and pop music listeners alike won’t want to miss Anthony’s “Start Listening,” which features his passionate vocals and lyrics that anybody can relate to. The song’s message is contemporary and significant, as it encourages people to disconnect from their devices and connect with the world around them.

Chad Anthony is a promising musician to keep an eye on because of his innate talent and the emotional depth he brings to his songs. Follow Anthony on social media to stay abreast of his current endeavors and watch “Start Listening” on YouTube.

Chad Anthony

Chad Anthony

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