Hear it, See it Feel the Music.

That’s My Favorite Song

by 856.Mylo

That’s My Favorite Song from 856.Mylo is a next level Hip Hop/ Rap and Alternative Trap song with an extremely cool melody. 856.Mylo is New Jersey based Hip Hop/ Rap and Alternative Trap Artist. You get lost in your thoughts with the captivating his voice and the unique melody.He was always into music even as a kid so he tried all the instruments his middle school had Violin, Drums, Flute, Saxophone, Clarinet, Etc.He also had a guitar from a very young age but,he never really was good at any instruments and he stopped trying to learn. He saw a bunch of YouTube video a while back about making beats and he thought it was cool and he already had a gaming pc that could handle some big projects with a lot of plugins so he bought a daw and started making beats and that was around 2 years ago about a year into making beats he showed some of them to his boy FRANCIS who recorded music and he liked them and showed them to some of his people and he eventually introduced his to some other artist JArome and Wondrous / lil Wonder Boy. We vibed out in their studio they had set up in the basement for a while and he ended up recording his first song and he liked it so he bought a mic and started recording music and he has been for a bout a year now that’s how he got into making music.

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