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The Vampyre
Bobby Wallisch Jr.
Bobby Wallisch Jr.

The Vampyre

by Bobby Wallisch Jr.

New from musician, sailor, author, and philologist Bobby Wallisch Jr. comes “The Vampyre.” The seafaring passion of the Vienna-born musician, who also studied ancient Greek and Latin, informs his distinctive brand of rock and goth rock.
Wallisch Jr.’s lyrics in “The Vampyre” draw inspiration from Greek and Indian philosophy to create music that frees the heart. The music video is a work of beauty that goes hand in hand with the song’s eerie tune and stirring vocals.
Wallisch Jr. has been working on his music project since 2013, and he has been using his YouTube account and his band, “Acid.Prof,” to disseminate his message. Bobby Wallisch Jr.’s “The Vampyre” is a classic example of his musical skill and his desire to inspire listeners through his words.

Bobby Wallisch Jr.

Bobby Wallisch Jr.

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