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Tilen Gavranovic
Gavro Quartet feat. Marko Churnchetz

Underground City

by Gavro Quartet feat. Marko Churnchetz

Introducing “Underground City” by Gavro Quartet featuring Marko Churnchetz, a captivating journey into the heart of jazz. Led by jazz guitarist Tilen Gavranovič, alongside Lenart Debock on tenor saxophone, Miloš Čolović on double bass, and Andreas Reisenhofer on drums, this quartet from Austria, Slovenia, and Serbia blends their talents seamlessly.

“Underground City” serves as the opening track from their upcoming album, “Let’s Wait and See,” slated for release this October. Featuring the acclaimed pianist Marko Churnchetz, the song is a musical ode to Naples, Italy, inspired by Gavranovič’s personal experiences there. The composition paints a vivid picture of urban exploration, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in the bustling streets and vibrant culture of Naples through its evocative melodies and dynamic rhythms.

Experience the allure of “Underground City,” where jazz meets storytelling, promising an unforgettable musical voyage through the soul of Europe.

Tilen Gavranovic

Gavro Quartet feat. Marko Churnchetz

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