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Why they H8

by Christopher Ddot Cross

Decatur, Illinois’ own Christopher Cross, a gifted rapper and rock musician, has just dropped his new single, “Why they H8.” The song is an effective rap/hip-hop cut that addresses social problems including racism and sexism. Christopher’s message reaches listeners of all ages with his blend of appealing beats and insightful lyrics.

For more than 15 years, Christopher has been developing his skills as an HVAC mechanic, first as a hobby and now as a full-time vocation. His current album is a reflection of his commitment to music, showcasing his skill and a desire to make music that has an impact.

Listen to “Why they H8” if you enjoy rap and hip-hop music that does more than just entertain; it also tackles serious topics. In the music industry, Christopher Cross is a name to keep an eye on. In order to keep up with his musical output and upcoming performances, you should stick with him on social media.


Christopher Ddot Cross

Christopher Ddot Cross

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