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10 best ways to promote your YouTube music video

YouTube is the most effective platform to promote a music video. A musician could build a huge fan base as it is the most famous music video sharing site. If you promote your music video through mass media, it is very costly and time-consuming. So, if you know tips to boost your music video, you have a massive opportunity as a musician.

  1. Short and sweet topic

Promoting a music video via YouTube is a competition. Your video should have a speciality among numerous competitive music videos. Its topic provides the first impression of the music video. An eye-catching issue can get attention quickly. So, the matter should be short and creative. Long sentences bring disadvantages because some words may be removed from the eyesight. Then the exact idea of the topic is not to reflect. Further, the short and sweet issue is better for YouTube users who refer it rapidly. The short and sweet case is a very effective strategy as the first step to promote your YouTube music video.

  1. Precise description

The topic or the name of the music video cannot bring a detailed explanation about the video. So, the description can use to fill that gap.  But the definition also should not be too long and compound. It should be precise and straightforward. If a person reads the description of your music video, it means they are interested in the video’s topic. So, the description should have the ability to urge that person moreover to watch the video. A creative and precise description gives attractiveness for your video in its promotion.

  1. Eye-catching image

Images have more ability to get attention than words. It is a non-verbal communication about your video. Generally, social media users are favourable on efficiency. Images can convey the message rapidly than the words. So, pay considerable attention in selecting images for the countenance of your music video.  The image should contain an idea about the content.

Further, it should have an eye-catching possibility. Here, the color, the meaning and the finishing of the image play a significant role. So, the image in the countenance of the music video possesses a considerable value in promoting it.

  1. Increase the subscribers

It is better to have a YouTube channel to upload a music video. Subscribers are the essential component of a YouTube channel. They are the people who interest in you as a musician. Subscribers are the best carriers in the promotion of the YouTube music video. The number of subscribers and the popularity of the music video is proportional. So, try to increase the number of subscribers on your channel.  If you identify the need and the demand of music fans, try to fulfil them. It will make a large fan basis for you on YouTube as a musician.

  1. Use of other social media platforms

There are other social media which are popular among people and regularly use than YouTube. So, musicians can use them to promote his or her music video. Musicians can induce fans to search on YouTube and watch his music video via other social media like Facebook and Tik Tok. Musicians can make a short video clip from the best part of his music video and share it I other social media. Such video clips go smoothly to the public. After, people start to search for the full music video on YouTube. Then, your music video has promoted.

  1. Trailers

Most of the movies have trailers before they release. Music videos also could have trailers. First, promote the trailer. It is better to create the trailer by increasing curiosity. Then the fans are keenly waiting until the music video release. Even before you release the music video, it has obtained popularity. Further, continue the promotion by increasing expectations of the fans. For example, you can count the number of days via YouTube to the release by stating that, “(number) days more”.

  1. Maintaining a playlist

Maintaining a playlist is an indirect promotion. Musicians can promote their other music videos as a playlist. When people are watching one music video, it is better to display your other videos as related videos. If a person protects one of your videos means that person is interested in your music type. Mostly, he or she may like to watch more music videos from you. So, the maintenance of a playlist helps that fan find more videos and promoted videos.

  1. Inter-relationship with fans

Fans are the essential element in promoting a music video. Their feedbacks are the assessment of your music video. Their comments help you to identify your successes as well as failures.  So, pay special attention to the feedbacks of your fans. Accept all the words either good or bad by giving a good response. You can ask their ideas and suggestions about the music video and reply to their comments. It creates an inter-relationship between the musician and his fans. This inter-relationship positively contributes to the promotion of the music video.

  1. Organize strategic competitions

Musicians can organize competitions based on their music videos. For example, they can challenge fans to make a cover version of their music video. If you as a musician promise to upload the best cover video on the musician’s YouTube channel, it would be a great promotion. It would highly induce people to watch the music video and would encourage making cover videos.

  1. Strategic allies

Making a music video is not the sole business of the musician. There are many more contributors as composer, editors and actors and so on. The music video is a product of all contributors. These parties have a massive contribution for also the promotion of the music video. If you are a beginner as a musician, it is better to ally with more experienced parties. Their self-images in the music industry obviously would be a promotion for your music video.


If you follow the above ways to promote your YouTube music video as a musician, you can bring your video among the trending videos on YouTube.


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