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Best Music Video Ideas

Why is creating a music video so important?

Creating a music video to a song is not actually a simple task. In fact, it is an enormous project which one needs to overcome with. What majority of the people think is how can a music video be important that much. Certainly it is important because it is through music video only one can bring out his music to the audience. One can argue that it is only to sound that a musician should pay attention. This is one of the misconceptions within the society. Sound level, as well as a music video is also significant to put forward a clear viewpoint for your music and mainly to show up visibility in your music. So indeed a music video is a significant character in a song.


Is creating a music video too expensive?

Creating Music videos is known to be the best option when marketing a song. It plays as a better way for connecting the full audience with the music. Yet, the majority of the people say that creating a music video is not a very simple thing to do but is very expensive and costly. This is really another misconception among people. It is true that it costs a lot to turn up a musical vision to a full music medium but, there are actually many ways of producing a music video from a low budget. So here I have pinpointed out some of the perfect tips on how to produce a music video for a lower budget.

  1. Using household items.
  2. Using a different location.
  3. Using a concert footage.
  4. Using extra things.
  5. Including animation.
  6. Using travel footage.
  7. Narrating a story.
  8. Blend some of the rushes.


How these above mentioned tips can help is as below.  


1. How can the household items help you in creating a music video?

One of the best examples on how household items contributed to a music video is “Here It Goes Again” by OK Go’s. They certainly have used just a few treadmills and some choreography to their music video. Yet these usages of treadmills and choreography made it one of the most iconic videos. What they simply applied was they converted these ordinary items into something which the audience may find it funny and creative. Indeed they were creative because of the simple techniques that they used in the video and the audience was simply amazed.

  • What is the use of a backdrop?

However, not only household items, the above mentioned musicians took the best advantage of their house background too. They came up with the idea that they need to shoot the video at their own house. Without any adornment they just used a drop cloth and made it hanging at the back of their ‘set’. This made the video more produced giving it a multitude of decency. So, this proves that you too could get the best use of a backdrop in a similar way. It would specifically pitch in any space into a recording studio which is indeed more decent.

  • What if you do not have several cameras?

Moreover, unless using a bulk of cameras, putting on to one single camera is also another helpful tip in creating a music video. It is actually a big fuss when many cameras are used and one needs to put an enormous effort when it comes to editing and setting up after using several cameras. So the best way is to use a single camera to record the video with the use of a tripod. “Here It Goes Again” was also created using a single camera which was mounted on a tripod. The whole video has been recorded from one angle from the starting minute to the ending minute. This would surely contribute to an easy and relaxed editing, setting up and staging. So indeed using a camera rather than going over to many is very much convenient and easy.


2. What kind of a location is better?

Creating your music video in an uncommon place where anyone would not even think of is also another tip that can be used when creating a music video. This would surely make your video stunning. The best example for this is “Paradise” a cover by The Piano Guys. They actually produced the cover at the top of a mountain. For this they fetched out all of their instruments that they used in the video to the mountain top. So if your idea is to create a music video for a lower budget, simply think of an unusual place and record the video. It would make your music video very unique than the others.


3. How can your concert footage help you in creating a stunning music video?

Once of the best options to take possession of a better footage for the music video is by making yourself record while performing in the stage at a live concert. The reason for this is that the bands actually look perfect when playing live on a stage. One who plays at a stage, plays with lots of energy and the performance is really original and real. So in order to get a good footage, it is better if you can ask someone else to record you while playing on a stage, so that you can use it to include it in your music video.

  • What if you do not play on live stages?

Not everyone is a live stage performer. There may be some who do not show up in the live stage. For them, you can ask your beloved friends to record you. That is, you need to organize a fake live show and your friends has to be the audience while you become the performer. Moreover you can use the lightening effects to make the performance look like you are playing at a live stage.

It may certainly take a lot of time and a lot of effort to cover-up a video like this. You will also need a moving camera too. Because a moving camera plays a significant role than a camera which is mounted on a tripod. So that, with the help of a camera, you can capture some photos from the stage and also from the audience as well. In this way, if the process is basically done according to a procedure, you will obviously be capable of capturing different stunning shots like you are playing at a live stage. This would make someone who is watching the video feel that they too are in the live show. This is how a music video has to be.

  • Is a cameraman necessary?

In point of fact, if you are not in a position to hire a cameraman, you still can continue with this procedure by setting up tripods to record you. You can ask a friend to hit the record button at the initial stage. In this way, you can go over for a stunning music video.


4. What are the other extra things that you can use?

Producing your song with some extra acts and props is another tip that can be accounted for when creating a music video. Of course your friends are there to help you with this. This is actually what friends are for. So you can ask your friends to engage in some funny acts using suitable things when creating the video. Dolly Parton showed this in her song “Together You and I”. Even Alan Jackson is one of the singers who used this technique in her song “Good Times”.


5. Why is using animation necessary?

Using animation is another tip when creating a music video. Probably there are an enormous amounts of free animation programs that you can easily get through online. Yet, at the same time you can create a unique animated music video without spending a lot of money. But you have to note that it may take a long time. But the benefit of using animation is that animation provides an opportunity for you to be in the circle of your imagination. There is no boundary or a limit when using animations because it allows you to speak up your mind and picture all of your emotions.

Despite this, you further can go over to the tip of making a visualizer for your song with this option of animation. For this procedure, there are many ways of stepping to this. You actually do not need any informative animations to be included. In your video. You can go up with simple sketches on a loop too. A graphic designer or an animation student would be great for this job too. So you can create a very unique video for a fine price with a good deal of creative ideas through this process.


6. How can your usual Travel footage help you in creating a music video?

Recordings that you make when travelling can also contribute to create a good music video. It is actually a very simple process to go with. It is obvious that you record videos when travelling with friends. So what basically you have to do is, turn on your camera and record when travelling among interesting and beautiful places.


  • What places can you include?

Places which have captivating surroundings like;

  • Hills,
  • mountains,
  • waterfalls,
  • forests,
  • deserts,
  • foreign cities

are very much suitable to this. These background would definitely make your video a stunning.

Some may argue that recording and including it to the video is not an easy task and it may cost a lot. Yes it is true that it takes a good amount of currency to include it in the song with the editing processes. Yet at the final stage you also could get good results too.

  • Is it only applicable to music videos?

However including traveling footage does not apply only to the music videos. But this also can be done with the lyrical video as well. That is, you can make that footage as a background of it.


 7. Narrating a story

Narrating a story is also a best known way of creating a music video. Lyrics do buildup a story. But if you can make those words into images, it would create an interesting story. However, it should not be just a story, but an interesting story which the people would constantly watch till the end of the song. If not, people will get bored and would not really watch your song to the end. A perfect example for a song which tells a story is “Thriller” by Michael Jackson. It is an amazing music video of him. The technique which Michael Jackson has used here is, he gives a start to the song with a brief spoken introduction and this continues throughout the song to the end. This has made the song very successful.

Likewise, when you have produced the music video with a suitable story line, people undoubtedly would not take their eyes off from the song. Instead, they would sink in your song from the beginning to the end to see how the story ends. This needs a little creativity too. So, using some of the different outfits and pictured screens, you can narrate a story in your song.

You will find more songs like this which are based on interesting story lines. So what you need to do is, watch them and note down the things which would really help you in producing your music video.


8. What do you mean by combining rushes?

Some may think that you do not need to record and save all the videos when working up on a song. Truly, recording any of the things related to the project is a must to do. That means any of the things. It could be the group having a meal also. Although this may not help you with this video, it may help you in your next video. So make sure to record all of your sessions, discussions, trips and other activities. This may help in producing a genuine music video with a little editing and two or three filters.


So, when going through these facts, it is indeed clear that although creating a music video is seen as a tough task, one can easily get through that by using few tips. Thus, it is clear that household items, different locations, concert footage, extra things, including animation, travel footage, narrating a story and blending some of the rushes provide a magnificent opportunity to create a stunning music video for a lower budget.


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